Many of you players are just starting to get involved with this great sport. Many of you parents have been drawn in by your sons and daughters’ interest.
Some of you participated in sports when you were younger, many of whom are probably are still playing sports like softball, basketball, skiing & tennis. There are not a lot of opportunities to play physically demanding sports as an adult. Lacrosse is the exception and I just wanted to let our newest players know what the future can hold for them.
I am one of the older local players still playing the game and I just returned from playing one of the game’s classic tournaments, the Lake Placid Lacrosse Tournament in New York where there were over 35 teams playing in the three 30-38 and over Masters divisions, 28 teams playing in the 45 and over Grandmasters divisions and 11 teams playing in the 52 and over Super Grandmasters division where I played. Believe it or not, I even got to play one game in the newest and as of yet unnamed over 60 years old division. That’s a lot of old guys playing a game they love. I have included the short piece below for the benefit of everyone involved in the sport. This is why we play!Grandmaster of Lacrosse